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Hacked Passwords Stolen; Now What?

August 11, 2014

Theft of 1.2 billion user names and passwords gets people’s attention. In your own organization, use this cybercrime as leverage to heighten awareness about the need to remain on high alert at all times.

Peak 10’s technology partner SilverSky, an expert provider of cloud security solutions, says that less creative criminal types quickly adopt successful ploys of others. It offered these suggestions for adapting to cybercriminal techniques and identifying where attacks are likely to occur:

  1. Watch out for attacks on suppliers

    This will be a big area of focus as attackers copy what was done with Target.

  2. Point-of-sale and embedded systems can be entry points

    Attacks on POS systems work well because these and other embedded systems often run aging operating systems and aren’t maintained as rigorously as typical data center servers.

  3. Medical networks under surveillance and attack

    In the rush to interconnect electronic health records, do we know that security has been properly accounted for? Pay particular attention to medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical research companies because they may not be covered by the HIPAA and HITECH laws that protect medical information.

  4. Don’t be fooled by next-generation phishing attacks

    Data collected from social networks can be used to create extremely authentic and insidious phishing emails, and are becoming much more personal.

Our Peak 10 blog “Thousands of Websites Breached in 1.2 Billion Password Theft” takes its own look at this mega-breach and what it could portend for us all.

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