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Great vs. Good Managed Services Providers

March 24, 2015

Good managed service providers (MSPs) care for your IT environment. The great ones will help you simplify every point of interaction with technology so it works when and how it needs to. How do you separate the good from the great?  Start by finding one that can offer you all of the following benefits:

24/7/365 Support

With the right MSP, you get 24/7/365 escalation, coverage on holidays and the comfort of knowing your business can keep running. This means you can stop trying to find and hire the best employee talent for managed applications and, instead, spend time recruiting and retaining your other key talent.

Simplified Budgeting

Look for an MSP that will help you simplify your IT budget by offering predictable monthly fees. Some also offer long-term contracts (3+ years) that yield significant savings.

Reduced Risk

The use of managed services can help reduce the risk that something in an IT environment will fall apart in the first place. Through the provision of security patches, industry best practices, proactive monitoring and alerts, MSPs can address potential issues before you even have to get involved.


An MSP’s cross-trained, top talent should be managing your IT environment through established processes and tools. They should know devices in, out, forward and backward.  Check to see how an MSP ranks on MSP Mentor, a list that rates the best managed services companies in the world.

Compliance and regulations

Compliance and regulations are always changing. Your MSP should be in the know, and be experienced in working with some of the toughest, locked-down regulated industries that exist so it can bring all of these practices and experiences to our clients.

Simplified reporting

The use of managed services should simplify reporting, allowing you to dive into the insights whenever you want. If you want to know the health of the environment and the precise performance details, you should be able to get that information quickly on your laptop or smart phone – wherever you are.


Companies of all sizes can enjoy utilizing an MSP. This keeps you flexible and can lower overhead all while you rely on certified technology professionals you may not typically hire on your own.

Where to Start

If you are ready to start taking advantage of the benefits of managed services, make sure you do your homework and find a great MSP, not just a good one. Outline your expectations and ask the tough questions. With the right MSP caring for your technology, you can keep focused on your strategic vision.

This is a guest blog from Peak 10’s partner Apparatus.

About Apparatus

Apparatus designs, delivers and continuously refines the most durable IT solutions in the world, making clients more productive, more profitable and more prepared to evolve as technology does. Clear client focus, a strong business model and impressive technical proficiency have propelled Apparatus into the top five percent of managed service providers worldwide (according to 2013 MSPMentor rankings) and onto the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. Visit www.apparatus.net to learn more.

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