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From Colocation to Compliance

February 20, 2015

It Takes an Entire Company to Put Customers First

Any company that claims to put clients first, to strive to be a strategic business partner and to work collaboratively to help drive their customers’ success cannot hope to make this happen without one important factor: every employee within the entire company must understand and see things the same way and embrace the perfect customer experience as his or her own responsibility.

Each year Peak 10 designates one week as Customer Awareness Week. During that week, all Peak 10 employees participate in events to raise awareness of and reinforce the customer service message. In a recent Customer Awareness Week that took place in February 2015, five clients engaged with members of our executive team in a live panel discussion that was broadcast to all Peak 10 locations across the country. Employees had the opportunity to ask questions of the clients to get their perspectives on specific customer service topics.

The customers participating in the panel discussion represented companies of varying sizes and industries that included healthcare, finance/payments processing, business travel solutions and software providers. Below is a digest of key points these customers made to Peak 10 employees during the discussion.

What problem does Peak 10 help you solve?

A colocation customer recalled how Hurricane Sandy flooded out the company’s New York City offices and data center. Peak 10 stepped in and helped move their servers to a Peak 10 location. The customer noted that the transition was about as seamless as possible under the circumstances, resulting in virtually no disruption to business. Not only did the company avoid the capital expenditure required for a new data center, it could quickly expand operations as well.

Access to technical expertise was the problem-solving benefit cited by another customer, whose company had been with seven years with Peak 10. This allowed his IT department to focus on the core business.  “[Peak 10’s expertise] saves us from having to invest in a specific department that handles our network, hardware etc. Instead, we are able to leverage our capital in a much better way, which is a good strategic play from our standpoint.”

Another customer, a CIO, noted how technology is viewed as strategic to his company’s business, too. “How we deliver our online transactions keeps our customers happy. Our technology strategy is key to keeping our customers and growing our business,” he said.

What worries you and keeps you up at night?

“Being in healthcare, we host confidential patient data and that’s a huge responsibility. I know that I can go to Peak 10’s portal and download your certifications so that I can answer my customers’ questions about security, and that’s extremely helpful,” said one CIO.

Security was a significant concern across all industries. Customers described that they use the managed security services provided through Peak 10’s security partner, SilverSky, and that the deep bench of security expertise to keeps their minds at peace.

“We get alerts from SilverSky security all the time – how they blocked this and that attack. It’s a little disconcerting that it happens every day, making you wonder If you’re going to be the next one the ‘bad guys’ target. But that’s also why it’s so important,” said a customer who is an IT director at a large payments processing software provider.

How do you make IT purchase decisions at your company?

The decision-making process varied greatly across the different types of companies.  Customers at privately held smaller/medium businesses said that they had more autonomy in how they spend their budgets. Customers from larger or multi-national public companies had to navigate through multiple layers of approvals. Regardless of the business, all IT leaders had to show a business case for their spending.

“We are always looking to get the best value for our money. Our industry is low margin. We are publicly traded and have watch our bottom line closely. Demonstrating RIO on every investment is essential,” one of the customers explained.

Where do you see the technology industry going?

Cloud, cloud, cloud.  Across the board, the customers participating in the Peak 10 panel discussion noted that they are feeling more pressure to adopt cloud computing from internal business customers as well as their external customers.  They stressed that it’s important to get personal service from a provider like Peak 10, rather than just raw compute from a large public cloud provider with no customization options.

“The healthcare and banking worlds are changing pretty dramatically and constantly. Everyone is looking for faster, cheaper, more efficient, reliable and secure systems,” said one of the customers noted.


Taking time to know our customers, their goals and challenges is the way we begin all of our engagements. The more we know – and the more our employees appreciate their responsibilities to our clients – helps us exceed expectations. How to exceed our customers’ expectations even more is what keeps us up at night.

For insight into some of the specific experiences of Peak 10 customers, view our case studies. Or find out for yourself how Peak 10 goes above and beyond to be a strategic business partner and help drive your company’s success. Contact us for a free consultation.

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