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Fort Lauderdale, Home to Sun, Fun and World-class Data Centers

November 18, 2014


Think Fort Lauderdale and tourism springs to mind. But, there’s much more to this Broward County, FL city than college spring break, which is why Peak 10 has two of its 25 data centers located there.

An advantageous economic climate has helped Fort Lauderdale establish itself as a world-class international business center and one of the most desirable locations for new, expanding or relocating businesses. It is the heart of a robust, diversified, high-growth region, supporting a diverse range of industries, including marine, manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, high technology and avionics/aerospace, as well as film and television production.

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Peak 10 commenced operations there in 2009 when it acquired 1Vault Networks. It added a second facility in April 2012, bringing the total of raised-floor data center space to 33,000 square feet.

The facilities are a reflection of their location, which can experience more than its fair share of foul weather. Both data centers have eight-inch thick cement walls that can withstand a Category 5 hurricane, as well as designated office space to accommodate customers stricken by such disasters.

Operations are a model of what data centers ought to offer: high performance, redundancy, security, reliability and a range of capabilities and services that are anything but cookie cutter. All Peak 10 data centers undergo annual independent auditing to verify that all facilities, systems and processes comply with industry and regulatory compliance requirements for operational integrity and data protection and security.

“We focus on tailoring business solutions for customers that give them what they need and want from their data center services and cloud infrastructure, not just what we have to sell them,” said Senior Vice President of Sales, Drew Fassett. “That’s one of the many unique things about working with Peak 10 versus some other provider; every person here – both in Fort Lauderdale and across our national data center network – is ready and able to assist customers every step of the way.”

Since business never sleeps, the Fort Lauderdale facilities are open around the clock, 365 days a year, professionally guarded and monitored, as well as staffed with engineers and technicians to ensure continuous reliability and performance. Likewise, best-of-breed environmental systems, power generation and backup, and redundant network infrastructure – all operated and maintained according to industry best practices – ensure that systems, applications and data are always available to clients via multiple telecom and Internet service provider access options.

In addition to being able to withstand Mother Nature’s fury, these Peak 10 data centers offer a comprehensive suite of disaster recovery solutions, Customers can choose the best equipment procurement options, as well as specify hot, warm or cold site recovery options, that match their situation and recovery requirements. Customers also benefit from the geographic diversity and redundancy afforded by other Peak 10 data centers, including those in Tampa and Jacksonville.


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