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Experiencing Customer Success with Your Cloud Provider


Remember when you could walk into a store and deal with a business provider who knew you? He or she was familiar with your business and knew what you needed to succeed? You knew that business provider too—you were on a first-name basis. He or she would make recommendations that would save you money on orders, caution you when your tab was running higher than usual and help you understand how to make better use of the products you were purchasing.

So how do you get that kind of customer service in the Information Age? You look for a cloud services provider that offers customer success management rather than customer support.

Customer Success Vs. Customer Support

While the difference in title is subtle, customer success managers (CSMs) operate quite differently than customer support representatives, primarily because they are a dedicated customer service resource offered by your cloud services provider. When you need to query a bill, or are confused about some aspect of the service, you pick up the phone and call your CSM: an individual you know by name and who, in turn, knows you, your business, your account, your goals, etc.

Whether you’re at a mid-sized company or a large corporation, this is a critical and favorable shift in customer relations management, when you contemplate how many hours you are paying your staff per year to listen to automated machines and wait on “the next available customer service representative.” The cost goes up exponentially too, if your staff has to repeat their names, account numbers, business and issues to multiple representatives.

Think of it: you are footing the bill for your dedicated employee to call with a question regarding a service you pay for.  With that kind of customer support model, the cost of that service goes up every time your employee has to hold, introduce themselves and/or explain what services they are subscribed to or how their cloud infrastructure is set up.

Does a CSM sound better to you? It does to us at Peak 10 too. That’s why our customer relations management model is “Customer Success.”

Customer Success at Peak 10

At Peak 10, your CSM is responsible for knowing who you are, knowing about your business and providing you with dedicated, personalized, quality care, including:

  • Making sure you have the correct services for your organization
  • Helping to maximize your use of the services we offer, and leveraging them to enable your business growth goals
  • Support for identifying new services that could be critical to your business’ success
  • Dedicated advocacy, even if that means your CSM advises you that based on your usage, you could save money with a different solution

The biggest difference between a CSM and traditional customer support is in performance measurement. There is no sales quota for a CSM, so you will never be paying for your employees to listen to a high pressure sales call to buy more than you need.

Let Customer Success Be Your Success

A cloud services provider that offers customer success management can offer a depth and breadth of opportunities for you, saving money and time and enabling your business growth goals because you can make a quick call, speak to someone you know, and learn how to use all offerings more efficiently.

Here at Peak 10, many of our customers have mentioned how their CSM has empowered their businesses with efficiency, prioritization and knowledge:

“I have greatly appreciated our Customer Success Manager’s support.  As a small account, we must have a partner that considers us as much a priority as the larger clients.”

“Excellent group of people to work with, who are both professional, and have a great skill set.  Always able to assist us with what we need, and resolve issues in a timely manner.  They are also able to make recommendations that help us make decisions, on what direction we should be going with our current, and future technologies.”

“We are very pleased with the people and the expertise that Peak 10 provides us. They are partners, not just a vendor for us.”

In short, when you have a cloud services provider that offers customer success, there’s no need to long for the good ole days, because the best are yet to come.

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About Peak 10

"Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Peak 10, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers' business and their trust."
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Peak 10 + ViaWest