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Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service: A Private Network Solution Built for the Cloud

March 10, 2015

Having choices often means making tradeoffs. Give a little, get a little. “Best-of-both-worlds” solutions are hard to come by.

So it is with public versus private networks. Or, at least that’s how it has been. In partnership with its technology partner, Level 3, Peak 10 is introducing Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service, which will change the way you consume services from data centers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

The Big Daddy of public networks, the Internet, is ubiquitous, connects to everything and is relatively cheap. With just one Internet circuit, the cloud services marketplace is at your fingertips. When capacity or functionality requirements take a sudden turn, the public network lets you “burst” to accommodate your needs.

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The problem with the Internet, as we all know, is security. This issue keeps businesses holding on tightly to critical, sensitive, regulated data and applications, unable to take advantage of the other benefits of cloud computing.
If only the inherent security advantage of a private network were not weighted down by distance-sensitive costs. And slow deployment. And lacking burstability. Did we say expensive?

You’re way ahead of me. Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service is that “best-of-both-worlds” solution to networking. A new take on Layer 2 private networking, Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service combines the benefits of the public Internet – quick installs, low cost, burstable – with the inherent benefits of secure private networks. It was developed exclusively for select data centers and CSPs, and is now available from Peak 10 through our technology partner, Level 3.

This unique service provides the performance and security of a private, scalable Ethernet connection into the Peak 10 cloud. It replaces distance-sensitive pricing with flat-rated pricing, and scales bandwidth on-demand to support changing business needs.

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Tailoring just the right solution for our customers is a commitment we take seriously. Leveraging Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service takes that commitment to another level. The ability to aggregate direct connections to any cloud services you need is a big step toward the creation of hybrid cloud infrastructures. Further, the fact that customers anywhere in the nation can leverage Peak 10’s secure, compliant and audit-ready infrastructure to help meet regulatory requirements brings the benefits of cloud computing as close as next door.

Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service circuits cost the same to connect, regardless of the distance between your business and a CSP. The service enables you to select the best CSP to meet your business needs, not just the one who happens to be located close to you. Now businesses, hospitals, agencies and other organizations that have a need for strict adherence to regulatory compliance can benefit from Peak 10’s PCI- and HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure where ever they happen to be in the U.S.

Brian Hoekelman, Level 3’s vice president of business and cloud ecosystem development, had this to add: “We are excited to work with Peak 10 to provide their customers with a secure, dedicated and private connection to the cloud. As users continue to accelerate their adoption of cloud services, Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service delivers the resilient, secure and predictable network connections they need.  The result is a seamlessly managed connection for customers so they can focus on improving their business performance.”

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Private circuits can take up to six months to install. With Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service, circuits install in less than 15 days and include the cross-connect to the customers’ cabinet/cage or CSP, another huge time saver. Once installed, customers can quickly scale these connections to support changing connectivity needs, enabling new environments to deploy in hours instead of weeks, and reducing bandwidth costs and achieve secure, predictable network performance to the cloud.

Peak 10 also shares in the cost. The private connection has three cost components: the port at customer’s end, the port at data center (which we pay for), and the electronic virtual circuit between them.

Learn more about how Peak 10’s Ethernet and Cloud Connect Service from Level 3 can give you the confidence to place more critical cloud-ready applications into the Peak 10 cloud. Your circuit awaits.

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