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EaaS Summed Up – What does Encryption as a Service Look Like at Peak 10?


Peak 10 now offers Encryption as a Service. Find out how it can benefit your company’s security posture.

Meeting the Demand for Encryption as a Service

In 2016, Peak 10 released our Encryption as a Service offering and conducted an Encryption Research Study to gain deeper insight into security concerns throughout various industries and how security teams are implementing encryption.

Among the many insights we collected from industry leaders, here are the main findings:

  • Nearly two-thirds of businesses are subject to HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS or other compliance mandates related to personally identifiable information (PII) or electronic protected health information ePHI, fueling the need to shore up security controls by using methods such as encryption.
  • Full-disk encryption is the most common encryption method used.
  • Less than half of businesses consider encryption to be very important to their organization.
  • Less than one-fifth of businesses are encrypting 75%-100% of their data.

After learning that so many organizations seem to underestimate the importance of encryption, and potentially misunderstand how to implement it correctly, Peak 10 has set out to evangelize the study findings and invite security teams who are interested in learning more about implementing encryption to have a conversation with us to figure out what can be changed for the better.

Working With Peak 10 to Implement a Robust Encryption Strategy

Whether your business wishes to work with a partner to increase security controls, or simply has questions regarding internal execution, our encryption team is here for you.

We suggest beginning with a simple needs assessment covering the following steps prior to implementing Encryption as a Service:

  1. Identify sensitive data throughout your entire business.
  2. Identify the applications and people that should have access.
  3. Understand your business and risks in the event that data is lost or stolen.
  4. Create an appropriate encryption strategy for your security budget.
  5. Create appropriate policies and procedures for managing your unique encryption strategy and eliminate single points of failure both in personnel and systems.

What Encryption as a Service Includes: When In Doubt, Encrypt It

Peak 10 Encryption as a Service is a strong, reliable encryption solution that effectively secures sensitive company data. Your security organization will be equipped with simplified management of encryption policies, end-users, and keys, while Peak 10 will manage the framework for the data security manager (DSM).

You’re free to execute encryption for on-premise or off-premise infrastructure or cloud workloads, and have full access to detailed activity logs which can be exported to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platforms for deeper analysis.

Peak 10 Encryption as a Service is accessible via the Internet, giving you the ability to sign up independently at our Peak 10 portal. If you aren’t already a Peak 10 customer, submit your information at www.peak10.com/contact-us to sign up for the service. Once you are a customer, login to Peak 10’s customer portal, add Encryption as a Service to your cart, and check out. We also have flexible service options for customers who require a different method of implementation or have unique needs.

Learn More About Peak 10 Encryption as a Service

Peak 10’s Encryption Survey uncovered security and encryption-related trends common throughout all industries. To help present the findings, our Research and Analytics team developed a five-part Encryption Video Series so that your security team and IT decision makers can learn more about how encryption can protect your critical data and foster business value.

Peak 10 encryption experts are always available to talk about your organization’s security practice. Whether you’re wondering if you should adopt encryption or you need help modifying your current strategy, we’re here for you. If your team has questions, we’ve got answers—reach out at any time by visiting our www.peak10.com/contact-us or calling 866-473-2510.

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