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Disasters Are Real; Testing Should Be Too


What would the NFL season be like without the NFL pre-season? A train wreck comes to mind.

Imagine teams not knowing their playbooks, rookies left to fend for themselves, no drills, no running plays over and over. There’d be muffed signals, missed blocks, receivers out of position, quarterbacks sandwiched between linebackers.

Unfortunately, this is how many companies approach disaster recovery … no pre-season. They go into recovery mode not really knowing how the plan or the people are going to perform because they’ve not tested adequately, if at all. It’s a train wreck.

Like the most successful football teams, the companies that rigorously prepare their organizations for DR are most successful at recovery. No surprise there. Yet, so very few have the discipline or the executive support required. DR testing is a perfunctory exercise so that one more box can be checked off the list.

Setting up a replicated site is relatively easy, even if it is costly. Maintaining that replication is certainly more difficult and more costly. Making sure everyone in the organization knows their roles, what to do and where to be when disaster happens is probably the most overlooked critical success factor in DR plan implementation.

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