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Consumers May Have to Look Long and Hard to Find a Good Data Storage Provider

November 5, 2013

Technologies evolve at unequal speeds. One is always leaping ahead of the others, at least for a time before others pass. Or entirely new entries come on the scene, disrupting the pack. This jockeying for position leaves IT and business operations in a state of flux. The direction is generally forward but at an unsteady pace. It’s not a race you ever really win.

For example, take enterprise network technology trends, such as virtualization, cloud and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). They increase network complexity and, with it, the need for better network management and automation tools. Complexity can introduce new security and compliance issues on premise, as well as between players in public and hybrid cloud infrastructures. It also increases susceptibility to one of the biggest IT security plagues of all ― human error.

Further exacerbating the situation is the need to learn to use new technologies, adopt new processes to accommodate them and to interact with and rely on new people associated with the new technologies. Around and around it goes.

In a recent study of 500 IT professionals in the U.K. and U.S., roughly nine out of 10 felt that coordination of security policies across the entire network is “essential” to the efficacy of a company’s defense against serious attacks. More than half believed network complexity was the root cause undermining and jeopardizing security efforts.

As with many issues that hamper the speed of business, people look to the cloud for answers. The answers are there but, as we said in the beginning, they are evolving not in a cohesive manner but at different speeds for different market segments to solve a range of customer requirements. Potential service consumers may have to look long and hard to find a provider they can work with, and who is eager to work with them on their issues. This is especially true for security and compliance concerns, and when robust enterprise-class systems and networks are a must.

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