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Configure Your Next Sale

January 13, 2014

Buying cloud services should not be like buying a car — at least not like it used to be when getting the best price meant haggling with the salesperson and dealership manager. Nor should a bunch of “bells and whistles” sway a prospect into thinking that a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution is the best option — no matter how enticing those bells and whistles may be.

Today, when people buy cars, they arrive at the dealership armed with plenty of information — including where they can get the best price, service and overall deal, as well as what features might best meet their needs.  It’s the same with the cloud and just about any product or service.

Prospects now have access to numerous resources to help them be more informed consumers. They can conduct online research; read reviews; talk to friends, family members, co-workers and even complete strangers via a number of online forums; compare prices, specifications and options; and ultimately narrow the field of vendors and determine what they are willing to pay.  In fact, research indicates that when a prospective customer contacts a company with the intent to buy a product or service, that person is already 70 percent committed to making a purchase.
What this all means is that the approach to selling cloud services has to be attuned to how consumers make their purchase decisions.  Help educate them. Put the tools they need to make their decisions at their fingertips.  One of those tools is the Peak 10 cloud configurator.

Accessible via the Peak 10 web site, the online cloud configurator is designed to introduce people to the Peak 10 Enterprise Cloud and the different options, configuration choices, common configurations by use case and pricing. While the tool can be used independently by a prospect, you – as a vendor selling Peak 10 cloud services — can also use it to your advantage.  Here’s how.

When you meet with a prospect, pull the cloud configurator up on your tablet. Walk the prospect through the various configuration options. Use this exercise as an opportunity to learn more about how the prospect intends to use the cloud and uncover business needs and pain points.

If at the end of the exercise, the prospect is happy with what has been configured, the order can be placed through the configurator — just put in your code where designated on the order form, and you’ll receive credit for the sale.  A Peak 10 engineer will do the follow up to confirm the order, ensure the configurations for the prospect’s applications are correct and begin the provisioning process.

Any time during the process, you or your prospect can initiate an on-line chat or phone call with an engineer to walk through the options, and answer questions.

You can also use the configurator to prepare for meeting with a potential customer to ensure you are armed with various options and pricing that, based on your knowledge of the prospect’s needs, may be of interest.  Remember – researching products and services isn’t just for the consumer.

The cloud configurator is the first of many new capabilities and services that Peak 10 is introducing to enhance the customer experience and help equip our partners for more effective selling and consulting. Watch for more information. In the meantime, take the configurator for a spin. And if you have questions about how best to use the configurator, we’re here to help.

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