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Cloudy with a Chance of Savings: The Value of Cloud Services


How did one enterprise business upgrade their IT infrastructure and save an amazing 38% on its annual budget at the same time? The answer lies in cloud services.

When It Rains It Pours

Like many niche enterprise businesses, a specialized manufacturing and engineering company was frugal throughout the recession and delayed investment in new infrastructure until the economic climate improved. Utilizing a SAP environment, the company managed an internal production environment that included demanding and prolific applications like SharePoint.

With its industry springing back to life, the company knew it finally needed to address the dozens of servers it had that were near or at their end of life. The company wanted to ensure it had a production environment that would:

  • Meet its immediate needs
  • Fulfill disaster recovery (DR) requirements
  • Scale over time
  • Be priced reasonably

But when 75% of the company’s IT staff announced their departures in rapid succession, the resources to complete the task suddenly looked formidable. Interested in cloud services, the company cast around for referrals. A business partner directed them to Peak 10.

Here Comes the Sun

After a careful diagnosis of the company’s needs and expectations, we recommended the company’s production be assigned to Peak 10’s Public Cloud for better security, compliance and performance, and that it utilize the Recovery Cloud for DR to minimize interruptions. Migration of the company’s critical infrastructure was slated for 45 days after the contract.  A few of the company’s departing IT staff members agreed to stay on until the migration was complete.

A Cloud with Many Silver Linings:

The customer’s initial production is now up and running in the cloud, and the company is adding additional resources to its cloud services.

Our cloud has proven to be an automatic upgrade for the company, after their struggles with aging servers and infrastructure.  Its applications run better, allowing its executives to accomplish more since they no longer are waiting on slow applications or downed servers. The company’s branch offices have cited an improvement in connectivity as well.  Another perk has been the savings. Thanks to our Public Cloud, the company was able to get rid of expensive hardware, SAP and Microsoft software, thereby shedding costs. Moreover, the company has realized it no longer needs as big of an IT staff as when it was constantly trying to repair aging architecture. The CIO has said the company will likely retain a few contractors, but probably won’t be in the business of hiring network and infrastructure administrators anymore. At our rough estimate, that’s about a 38% savings…every year.

The biggest benefit is that the company has the peace of mind that comes with the Recovery Cloud. Should the company ever need to failover, the Recovery Cloud is ready and waiting. The company knows its business will not suffer.  This helps the company’s staff to sleep at night as well as to be situated to allow for faster growth or change when the time comes. Thanks to the cloud, a company that was hampered by IT now has it made in the shade.

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