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Cloud Security in 2014 Through the Eyes of Experts

December 18, 2013

Cyber security has taken center stage. The Internet of Everything is where the money is. For all the incredible marvels the Internet makes possible, it’s also a treasure trove of, well, everything from personal identities to state secrets to financial accounts to the individually vulnerable, there to be exploited.

Microsoft tapped seven cyber security experts to make their 2014 predictions in a recent Microsoft Security Blog regarding big threats … how and where attacks may happen, and strategies for thwarting them. The range of issues and observations makes for enlightening reading, which Tim Rains, Microsoft director of Trustworthy Computing, summed up this way;

“… basic security fundamentals continue to be effective at mitigating the risks; keeping all software up-to-date, running anti-malware software from a trusted source, and demanding software that has been developed using a security development lifecycle will continue to be best practices in 2014. Leveraging cloud services will also pay security, privacy and reliability dividends in the New Year and beyond.”

The online news magazine, InfoSecurity, also tapped into the experts, 100 of them using crowdsourcing as the means for pulling together 2014 predictions, which it will publish in a series of five parts. Its first installment looks at heightened levels of encryption and access authentication as key trends in the coming year.

This is consistent with what Peak 10 has been seeing from its customers, as well. The focus is shifting from protecting the billions of devices connected to networks to protecting the data these devices access. Our approach provides cloud-delivered desktops to the full-range of BYOD screens, allowing subscribers to control where data is stored and user access privileges.

The experts at Forrester Research echo the call for more and better encryption heading into 2014. The firm also advises that the gap between prospective cloud users’ requirements for security and CSPs, abilities to provide it is closing.

Businesses looking for secure clouds still need to pay close attention here. Having been an area of intense focus of Peak 10’s for many years, secure, compliant cloud environments require commitment, investment and continual attention. Because security is such an important feature and a high-value point of competitive differentiation, more products, tools and systems are being developed to provide secure cloud infrastructures and services. However, as an industry, the cloud still has a way to go.

Security has been a concern since before the invention of the lock. That will never change. The best we can hope for is to stymie the efforts of those who would have what does not belong to them. This requires vigilance, awareness and like-minded business partners.

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