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Check, Please

December 4, 2013

I took my family to lunch at a casual seafood restaurant down by the beach last summer.  It had the usual trappings – fishing nets and buoys hanging all over, paper placemats and fried food baskets, daily specials handwritten on the chalkboard – just as you’d expect.

My son ordered a steak. It was not good. No, it was awful. Lesson of the day: never order steak at a seafood restaurant.

This reminded me that we have customers coming to Peak 10 with similar experiences. They have looked at IT infrastructure and cloud services from other providers only to find that what they really wanted wasn’t among those providers’ specialties. It may have been on the menu, but it was on the back page.

There is no shortage of well-established or newly minted cloud service providers. They continue to pour into and exit the marketplace every day. Consumer demand is generating a wide scope and variety of services and business models.

The telcos are a good example. No doubt, they have the network, which is why they believe the cloud services business is a natural. Maybe so but, at best, cloud services will be an extension of their core businesses. While they may have network expertise, not all business customers are convinced that these carriers have the IT hardware and software expertise that is needed in the cloud, much less the consultative services to help customers devise and carry out a cloud strategy.

If it’s true that two-thirds of all workloads will be run in the cloud by 2017, customers will need a lot more than big pipes. They will need robust infrastructure, flexibility, security, comprehensive services and the ability to quickly adapt to changing business conditions and opportunities on the fly. Surf and turf, anyone?

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