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Central Management and Service Availability Are Critical to Properly Executing Data Encryption


Why Do You Need Central Management and Service Availability?

The Need for Central Management When It Comes to Data Encryption

Historically, encryption has had a reputation for being an extremely complicated process. Today, advances in encryption applications are making the practice easier to understand and carry out. Part of the simplification of EaaS can be credited to applications that include a central management component, which is also much easier than it used to be.

Using EaaS greatly enhances the security of your data, but it also generates a lot of new data. Namely, access logs, access policies, and agent configurations. Central management gives your security team a single-pane-of-glass for systems management, plus the ability to integrate other security tools in the future (such as SIEM).

Central Management for Peak 10 EaaS: The Data Security Manager

With Peak 10’s Encryption as a Service, all access successes and failures, and access to files and folders, are logged and aggregated centrally to the Data Security Manager, or DSM. Logs can also be integrated into a Security Information Event Management, or SIEM, platform. The DSM is fully managed by Peak 10 domain administrators; each customer has their own secure, logically separated domain. You configure explicit access policies, register server agents, and analyze users and applications for unwanted behavior within your domain.

Here’s how it works:

The solution consists of a Data Security Manager (DSM) and one or more agents residing on your protected servers. Protected hosts contain your sensitive data. If connected to a NAS or SAN, the protected host has access to your sensitive data. Protected hosts can be in a Peak 10 colocation or cloud environment, your data center, a third-party data center, hosted with a hyperscale cloud provider, or a hybrid of any of these.

The DSM is the central component of the solution and is tasked with storing and managing encryption keys, data access policies, log files, administrative domains, and administrator profiles. Peak 10 provides the DSM within our cloud ensuring you have access to the management platform at all times. Agents communicate with the DSM and implement the security policies on their protected host systems.

The architecture of is shown below.

Figure 1:  Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture


Service availability ensures the around-the-clock uptime that’s needed to support your encryption strategy and keep your environment secure. It allows consistent access to your network and applications.

Service Availability for Peak 10 EaaS

Peak 10’s Encryption as a Service uses a DSM (data security manager) in our highly available (99.999), cloud—this ensures that your system is up and running 24/7 and supports the SLAs of your security agents.

Peak 10 cloud services have been vetted, tested, built on leading-edge technologies.

The Peak 10 Encryption Video Series

The Peak 10’s recent Encryption Survey generated a volume of insight from IT security leaders related to compliance issues, the common perception of executing encryption, and various methods of encryption.

To share the findings and show how our EaaS solution works, our Research and Analytics team put together a five-part Encryption Video Series so your security team and decision makers can get the most out of the study findings. Please continue following the Peak 10 Encryption Video Series to learn more about how encryption can protect your critical data and optimize your security posture.

Peak 10 encryption experts are always here to talk about your business’ security needs. We’ll help you determine whether encryption is needed and how to implement it. If your security team has any questions related to encryption, please reach out to us. Visit www.peak10.com/contact-us or call 1-866-473-2510.

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