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Case Study: Vizergy Digital Marketing

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Specializing in marketing for the travel and hospitality industries, Vizergy Digital Marketing combines highperforming website design, results-driven digital marketing, and a proprietary digital marketing system to boost its customers’ online presences. Its services focus on driving consumer traffic directly to its clients’ websites, maximizing revenue by avoiding the steep fees charged by online travel agencies and restaurant booking applications. With the right tools, people, and technology, Vizergy Digital Marketing helps the world’s travel industry find and keep more customers online. The company is uniquely equipped to solve its customers’ online business problems.

No Place for Downtime in a Digital World

Serving a client base focused on online availability and metrics, Jacksonville, Florida-based Vizergy Digital Marketing relies on its IT environment to deliver high-performance, reliable access that drives business results. With high-profile clients like Hard Rock Hotels and The Melting Pot restaurants, downtime can be detrimental to revenue.

When Vizergy began experiencing service and reliability issues with its St. Louis-based colocation provider, it knew it was time to find another provider. At the time, its IT environment was dispersed between this provider and its corporate office. This division, coupled with connectivity issues between the locations, complicated the management of the environments and impacted efficiency and performance.

“We’d gotten to the level where we really needed to have the majority of our servers in one consolidated environment,” explains Addams England, vice president of information technology. “We needed the additional redundancies and capabilities of a solution and a data center like Peak 10.”

Focused on improving reliability and security, and consolidating its IT environments, Vizergy began evaluating data center providers, ultimately selecting Peak 10 for its ability to cost-effectively deliver the most complete solution. Located just over a mile from Vizergy’s corporate office, Peak 10’s Jacksonville data center provided the ease of access the company desired as well as five-level security and access controls, SLA-backed reliability, scalability and a portfolio of managed services – all at a lower cost than the company could achieve on its own. Peak 10’s sophisticated technologies and deep strength provide superior support for the company’s cloud-based marketing system and ensures that the Vizergy team is consistently backed by industry leading IT professionals. Having such extensive support enables Vizergy to provide its clients with the most reliable digital marketing and ecommerce platform in the industry.

Stability, Compliance and Service Inspire Customer Confidence

In 2006, Vizergy consolidated its IT environments to Peak 10’s Jacksonville data center, engaging Peak 10 to provide upfront coordination and capacity planning to ensure the necessary space and bandwidth was in place to support its infrastructure and seamlessly transition its workloads.

With its production, development and task workloads – including critical backup infrastructure, office Internet connectivity, and client-facing systems – centralized at Peak 10, Vizergy has experienced unfaltering stability, outstanding customer service and an improved ease of operations.

Most critical to the success of its operations is uptime. Peak 10’s commitment to reliability and performance resonates in the reliability it builds into its facilities and processes. With redundant power supplies, network infrastructure, multiple Internet access points and providers, Peak 10 protects the stability of its environment.

The availability, professionalism and expertise of Peak 10’s staff further boosts Vizergy’s experience. Whether dealing with an issue or providing support and direction, Peak 10 is available and committed to delivering exemplary customer service. England also appreciates the ongoing focus on refining procedures to more quickly, accurately and professionally deliver solutions.

To strengthen its business, Vizergy also leverages Peak 10’s managed services including multicarrier Internet services and managed security services. Through its partnership with BAE, Peak 10 offers security services including UTM firewall management and managed intrusion detection prevention services (MIDPS). Peak 10’s managed services and partnerships with various third-party vendors enable Vizergy to work with a single provider for a breadth of services that support its workload.

Additionally, Peak 10’s certifications and yearly independent audits ensure its own compliance, and offer a level of confidence to both Vizergy and its customers, for whom PCI compliance is a requirement. According to Eric Miller, director of information technology, Vizergy is frequently questioned by potential customers about the level of compliance it adheres to and what level their data center provider offers.

Scaling DR Services and More for Heightened Capabilities

In 2013, Vizergy implemented a sophisticated disaster recovery (DR) solution using a private cloud instance for DR based on software from Peak 10 partners, Zerto and DoubleTake. While the company previously restored its environment through tape and disk backups, it worked closely with Peak 10 solutions engineers to devise a robust solution that fit both its budget and its technical DR needs.

One of Peak 10’s Charlotte data centers offered the geodiversity and optimized recovery speed to ensure the stability of Vizergy’s operations. This assurance goes a long way with Vizergy’s customers, many of whom will not do business with a company that does not have a highly secure, proven DR solution in place. “Some of the really high-end brands require that you have a DR solution”, explains England. “Having this in place is critical for the confidence of our customers.”

Peak 10 and Vizergy continue to work closely to deliver services that drive its business success. Through periodic reviews, services and capabilities are continually enhanced. Currently, the company is reviewing how to further leverage Peak 10 to strengthen its DR capabilities.

Vizergy appreciates its relationship with Peak 10 and values Peak 10’s commitment to continually innovate products and solutions that keep pace with rapidly-evolving technology to drive business results.

“Our clients put their trust in us to come to them with the best technology providers that we can find,” summarizes Julie Daniel, vice president of client marketing services. “Peak 10’s response time, security and reliability are bundled up and our clients rely on us to bring that to them. Peak 10 does that very well on our behalf.”

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