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Case Study: Transport Pro Triples User Base in 18 Months with Private Cloud

December 16, 2013

About Transport Pro

Transport Pro is a transportation management software company headquartered in Nashville, TN. The company’s cloud-based software is designed to aid trucking companies, third-party logistics companies and brokers with innovative technological solutions that are tailored to the size of the organization.

The Challenge

Transport Pro staff had been using replicated servers within an in-house private data center managed by its staff. It anticipated a high demand for its new online software, and needed to expand its IT infrastructure. The company knew what hardware and IT solutions it needed to take its software to market. It explored the options and costs of building its own private cloud environment, including procuring the hardware and software and hiring personnel to maintain the IT infrastructure. That solution, however, would be an expensive endeavor given the high cost of hardware and the IT team it would need to have on hand to maintain the environment. The company was hesitant to make such a large capital investment, believing there had to be an easier, more cost-effective way.

The Peak 10 Solution

The Transport Pro team was referred to Peak 10, which brought several engineers to the table. Together, the companies outlined Transport Pro’s current IT requirements as well as its future requirements based on growth projections. The Peak 10 team proposed its virtual private cloud solution.

“We knew the solution would ultimately reside in the cloud, but were not aware of all of the cloud features available to us with Peak 10,” said Kenneth Kloeppel, director of IT for Transport Pro.

The virtual private cloud solution gives customers compute power delivered through resource pools connected to Peak 10’s multi-tenant storage infrastructure. Computing resources, including VPU and memory, are provisioned and presented based on customer needs. Compute and storage can be adjusted based on performance, availability and growth requirements. Virtual and physical server resources can be leveraged together on the same network to create a hybrid, end-to-end solution tailored for each unique business need. Transport Pro was skeptical that such a solution could handle its complex storage and computing requirements.

“We were wary of using a multi-tenant storage infrastructure due to the possibility of ‘noisy neighbors’ overloading the hardware, in addition to not having control,” Kloeppel said.

The Results

Fast forward 18 months. Users of Transport Pro’s software had tripled; Peak 10’s virtual private cloud solution was delivering the speed and high availability that the Transport Pro and its software users demanded from its network infrastructure.

With Peak 10’s cloud services, Transport Pro can seamlessly scale the solution as its business grows and resource requirements change. Its team can add a new server or change memory settings with ease. What’s even better is that by outsourcing to a trusted cloud provider, Transport Pro didn’t incur the enormous expense associated with building its own IT infrastructure.

“High performance, fault tolerance and exceptional customer service keeps our business with Peak 10,” Kloeppel said. “I’m ultimately responsible for the day-to-day operations of our cloud infrastructure, and it’s reassuring to have Peak 10 on-call and monitoring it 24/7.”

The company also wasn’t convinced that a pooled resources system could provide the stability and high performance interface required by its software users. After expressing these concerns, Transport Pro learned that Peak 10 offered high performance cloud storage, which proactively monitors disk performance and migrates such “neighbors” away from one another.

“Many providers don’t have enough hardware to be able to provide this level of service, but Peak 10 did,” said Kloeppel.

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