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Case Study: Public Cloud Positions Insignia Group for Global Growth

Insignia Group logo

Located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Insignia Group is a leader in the vehicle personalization market. The company offers a patented configuration tool that allows car buyers to virtually view the vehicle they are purchasing and add on a variety of custom accessories while they wait for their sales and financing paperwork to be completed. Accessible using a tablet or other internet-ready device, the customizable website features hundreds of thousands of accessories that are configurable across thousands of vehicles in more than 20 different car brands.

The Challenge

Insignia’s success hinges on the reliability and accessibility of its online catalog by dealerships across the U.S. In 2010, its production environment was being hosted by another cloud service provider (CSP). Plagued by frequent, inexplicable downtime, Insignia feared losing customers and the strain it would put on their bottom line.

“Websites are kind of like air,” explains Brian Smithson, Vice President, Engineering at Insignia Group. “We expect them to be there, and we only start complaining when they’re down.”

This was certainly the case for Insignia staff who were fielding calls from frustrated customers.

While losing an individual dealership’s business can have financial implications for Insignia, larger issues loomed on the horizon. Many dealerships are part of larger dealer groups who like to represent a consistent image across the dealerships under their umbrella. As a result, a bad experience at one dealership could result in Insignia’s service being pulled from all the dealerships in the group. This scenario makes Insignia’s financial security far more vulnerable to irregularity.

The Peak 10 Solution

Recognizing the importance of having their website available when its customers need it, and unsatisfied with the poor customer service delivered by its CSP, Insignia began looking for a more local CSP who could provide the support and accessibility it needed to develop and maintain strong customer relationships.

Through a market survey, Insignia discovered Peak 10, a national IT infrastructure provider with a high-availability, redundant and SLA-backed cloud solution. During the vetting process, Peak 10’s consultative approach to customer service stood out to Insignia.

“We were really impressed with the diligence and time that the Peak 10 sales representatives spent with us even though we are a relatively small company,” says Smithson. “They really helped us dot the i’s and cross the t’s.”

In 2011, Insignia migrated their production environment to the Peak 10 cloud at its Charlotte, North Carolina operations. According to Smithson the move was flawlessly executed over a weekend, avoiding downtime for Insignia and its customer base. While Peak 10’s tailored cloud solution cost more than Insignia was previously paying, Smithson acknowledges that the improved consistency of service makes all the difference.

Built on leading-edge technology, Peak 10’s secure, compliant public cloud offers redundancy across geo-diverse data centers to eliminate any single points of failure – a key success factor for Insignia in improving uptime and customer satisfaction.

The Results

Today, Insignia Group is experiencing the benefits associated with the redundancy of the Peak 10 cloud. This improved reliability has not gone unnoticed by Insignia’s customers, who can now rely on the website being available when they need it. As a result, Insignia’s customer satisfaction has improved.

“When we have unanticipated downtime, customers complain,” explains Smithson. “The reliability increase we’ve experienced with the Peak 10 cloud satisfies our customers and has had a significant impact on our revenue stream.”

With less time devoted to handling customer issues, Insignia can now focus on their own growth. By delivering a positive, at-the-ready experience – and increased profits for dealerships – Insignia has the potential to exponentially grow its customer base as dealer groups may be interested in rolling out its revenuegenerating program across all their stores.

Insignia also has projects underway that will give the 30-employee company more of a worldwide presence. Armed with Peak 10’s highly reliable infrastructure that enables excellent customer experiences, Insignia now has the confidence to target national vehicle brands to propel its business. By showcasing dealerships that have successfully used Insignia’s online application to improve their point-of-sale revenue, Insignia hopes to pique the interest of major car brands, who can widen their reach.

Looking to the future, Insignia plans to continue its partnership with Peak 10 to support its impending growth and continue to provide its customers with a highperforming, accessible environment that offers the potential for additional revenue.

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