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Case Study: ProActive Information Management

July 25, 2017

Located in Ashland, Virginia, ProActive Information Management is a network integrator with customers in a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance and government. Focused on businesses with under 500 devices, the company provides desktop and mobile device monitoring and maintenance, IT support and consulting, colocation, cloud services and disaster recovery solutions to improve its customers’ IT operations, reliability and efficiency. ProActive Information Management provides a customized service consisting of a team of highly skilled professionals cultivating personal relationships to become an important part of its customers’ business strategy.

Business Growth and an Expanding Scope Demand a World-class Colocation Provider

ProActive’s business had always focused on providing maintenance and troubleshooting support to rectify its customers’ day-today technology issues. When a customer experienced a problem with a server or desktop device, ProActive would quickly deploy a technician to resolve the problem. However, as its customer base expanded, the company discussed widening its business scope to include cloud and server virtualization, and ultimately designed its own cloud infrastructure to drive this new initiative. When an existing customer approached ProActive about colocating its servers, the company recognized the opportunity to further supplement its services, and began reviewing potential colocation providers.

Located just five miles down the road from ProActive’s corporate office, Peak 10’s Richmond operations and staff had an outstanding reputation locally, and in the industry. With expanding data center capacity, five levels of security measures and built-in power, cooling and internet redundancies, Peak 10’s Richmond data center offered the reliability, security and performance ProActive required to take this next step.

Seamless Migration Solidified by Expert Guidance and Consistent Attention

In 2014, ProActive relocated its server environment from its corporate office to Peak 10’s Richmond data center. Before the move, the companies collaborated to create an implementation plan to ensure the efficient migration of the servers. Dennis Kao, president of ProActive Information Management, was impressed with the professionalism and care Peak 10 put into the move, noting that the facilities crew was on-hand and ready to handle the migration.

“Jeff Jenkins [facilities operation engineer at Peak 10] even came in on his day off just to make sure that everything went smoothly,” says Kao. “If we needed anything, he had a number for me to reach him and another gentleman. It was really a smooth transition.”

Within a year of moving its equipment to Peak 10, ProActive further enhanced its service offering when an existing Peak 10 customer tapped them to manage its virtual environment. Pleased with its Peak 10 experience, the customer required its servers to remain at Peak 10, so ProActive merged the customer’s existing Peak 10 solution with its own, satisfying the customer’s expectations and again broadening its own service options to include virtual hosting.

Scalability and Compliance Nurture Service Capabilities

With Peak 10’s high-performance colocation services serving as the backbone for ProActive’s IT operations, the company shifted from offering maintenance services to providing a more comprehensive suite of technology-enabling options, including data center colocation, cloud services, virtualization, backup and storage. These capabilities enable ProActive to support customers’ hybrid IT infrastructures allowing them to better leverage existing technology and maximize financial and professional resources. Backed by the availability and security of Peak 10’s infrastructure, ProActive’s environment has experienced minimal service interruptions to achieve an enhanced level of reliability and functionality.

To support ProActive’s environment and staff, Peak 10’s Remote Hands service – part of its Managed Colocation offering – handles the day-to-day physical work of data center management, allowing the company to remain focused on serving its customers’ needs and driving its own business direction. ProActive also leverages Peak 10 to facilitate data storage, conduct internal backups and enable ProActive to serve as a failover site for its customers during an interruption. Peak 10’s ability to quickly scale to provision additional Internet service or physical space also helps ProActive respond to customer demands, whether foreseen or unexpected.

With a customer base slanted toward healthcare and finance, ProActive must be extremely sensitive to the regulatory obligations of these industries, including HIPAA and PCI compliance. Hosting critical data, such as electronic health records (EHRs), requires both physical and administrative controls to be in place to satisfy rigorous auditing expectations. Peak 10’s certifications and yearly independent audits ensure its own compliance offers customers an increased level of confidence around security and regulatory protocols. This dedication provides a heightened reliability that amplifies customer confidence.

Peak 10’s focus on customer service and accessibility are also important differentiators for ProActive. Peak 10’s willingness to provide escorted visits of its data center to ProActive customers reinforces customer trust by allowing them to see firsthand the expertise and customer-focused approach of the Peak 10 team.

“From a facilities standpoint, from a maintenance standpoint, from a business continuity standpoint, Peak 10 already has what we need,” explains Kao. “The difference is service. We have a very good partnership with Peak 10. With bigger providers, you lose some of that personalization.”

With biometric fingerprint readers, 24/7/365 video monitoring, rigid sign-in protocols and a professional aesthetic, customers also gain a solid appreciation for the level of excellence and resiliency engrained in Peak 10’s operations. ProActive has even had customers at other colocation providers move into Peak 10 for the ease of service delivery it can execute from Peak 10. This lends a high level of confidence to ProActive’s business. According to Kao, customers walk away from visits with a strong peace of mind that is grounded in Peak 10’s expertise, customer engagement, security and access controls. This further positions ProActive as a professional, highly-capable business.

“Having a partnership with Peak 10 lets us grow our services,” says Kao. “We’ll always leverage something that we feel Peak 10 already has. If it’s proactive to leverage Peak 10’s service, we certainly will because so far it has proven to be very reliable.”

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