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Case Study: Pro Mach Accommodates Continuing Growth through Enterprise Cloud

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About Pro Mach

Pro Mach is a leading provider of integrated packaging and processing products and solutions for food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse companies. Through multiple brands, Pro Mach provides product packaging and processing equipment, training, installation, parts, and service in Bottling & Capping, Primary Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Material Handling, Identification & Tracking, and End of Line Packaging.

The Challenge

Loveland, Ohio-based Pro Mach is a successful manufacturing business in acquisition mode. The company completed five acquisitions in a 12-month period and, within just two years, doubled its top line revenue and employee headcount. This exponential growth resulted in both growing pains and a number of IT infrastructure challenges. This included an increasingly strained production environment housing Pro Mach’s mission-critical business applications.

It became clear to the company that it could no longer meet its IT infrastructure needs on its own. It required a partner that could help it develop and implement a strategy to accommodate continuing growth. That strategy would ultimately include working with a data center provider to host and manage a hybrid production environment and provide a geographically diverse Disaster Recovery (DR) solution to mitigate downtime and allow for a seamless failover should the production environment be interrupted.

Partners in Action

Interlink Cloud Advisors had worked with Pro Mach for some time as a consultant. With this relationship in place, Pro Mach asked Interlink to assist its executives in finding the best option for a new data center provider that would meet its specific needs.

Interlink’s process was very exhaustive and began with an analysis of Pro Mach’s existing data center provider and eveloping specifications and requirements for the company’s desired production environment. Interlink then developed an RFP and managed the entire bid process. Peak10 responded to the RFP and after extensive review and vetting by Interlink, was ultimately chosen as one the top two providers.


Interlink introduced Pro Mach’s executive team to Peak 10. It was important to Peak 10 not to paint Pro Mach into a corner with a specific solution. Rather, Peak 10’s sales and engineering team sat down with the Pro Mach executives and discussed their current needs as well as where they saw the company moving in the next 12-14 months. Peak 10 also used this opportunity to share its capabilities firsthand and show the depth of its expertise.

Pro Mach was impressed by Peak 10’s cloud platform with dedicated or non-oversubscribed production environment, as well as Peak 10’s geographic diverse data centers, which would allow for a solid disaster recovery solution. Because downtime could have a significant, negative impact on Pro Mach’s business, Peak 10’s uptime and high availability was a plus, and Pro Mach signed on with Peak 10.

Solution Implementation

Pro Mach had a very complex IT environment so the migration from its previous provider had lots of moving parts, but Peak 10 handled it with extreme care. The migration was completed with no impact to production. Due to the complexity of the environment there was a Peak 10 dedicated team responsible for the implementation to oversee it from start to finish. Through this team Pro Mach maintained constant interaction with the customer, so Pro Mach always knew what was happening on a daily and weekly basis.

Today, Pro Mach is utilizing Peak 10’s Enterprise Cloud to house its mission-critical business applications. The Peak 10 Enterprise Cloud is a fully hosted cloud solution that delivers compute infrastructure from scalable, enterpriseclass, multi-tenant clusters. The hosted cluster environment allows seamless scaling for each customer based on its current requirements, and flexibly supports temporary demand spikes without the need for permanent investment.

Peak 10 also implemented a Disaster Recovery solution using its Recovery Cloud and footprint of geographically diverse data centers. Built on leading-edge technologies and drawing upon Peak 10’s expertise in cloud-based DR, the Peak 10 Recovery Cloud enables customers to take advantage of the reduced costs associated with multi-tenancy while accessing the necessary cloud resources to restore services in the event of a site failure quickly, securely and regardless of where their production environment is housed. Peak 10’s suite of managed services also provides an added sense of security to the Pro Mach team. It is utilizing Peak 10’s managed security services, secure cloud storage and offsite data storage to minimize potential data loss and maintain appropriate data access.

Partners in Action

Interlink Cloud Advisors had worked with Pro Mach for some time as a consultant. With this relationship in place, Pro Mach asked Interlink to assist its executives in finding the best option for a new data center provider that would meet its specific needs.

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