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Case Study: Peak 10’s Data Center Services Support Law Firm’s Geographic Expansions


About Arnall Golden Gregory

Arnall Golden Gregory (AGG) is a law firm employing more than 150 attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, DC. The firm advises on corporate, litigation and restructuring and regulatory matters for numerous industries, including business services, healthcare, life sciences, logistics and transportation, real estate, franchising, telecommunications, financial services, information services, energy and manufacturing. AGG was selected to The National Law Journal’s prestigious 2013 “Midsize Hot List.

The Challenge

In 2011, AGG began a search for an IT services provider that would work with the firm to deliver services it was not getting from its present supplier. The law practice wanted a more accessible, centralized data center environment. It needed service flexibility that would easily adjust to the ebbs and flows of its requirements and those of its clients without contractual tripwires. Where its previous supplier came up short most seriously, however, was in the area of customer service. AGG wanted someone watching its back.

Being a tier one market, Atlanta has many service providers from which to choose. As law firms do, AGG did its due diligence and narrowed the field to two candidates. Both were established, comparably priced and, from a technology platform perspective, had the infrastructure to satisfy their requirements. However, it was the high level of engagement and customer service initiative shown by Peak 10 that set it apart and earned it AGG’s business.

“Peak 10 brought their best and brightest to the negotiating table and was very transparent. They didn’t play used-car salesman game with us,” said AGG IT Director Lance Edwards.

The Peak 10 Solution

AGG had been a Peak 10 customer for disaster recovery services for years. Now the firm would move its entire production data center into Peak 10’s Atlanta operation, while maintaining a small IT footprint at headquarters for its DR site.

Peak 10 enterprise-class data center services provided AGG the ability to utilize its existing investment in computing equipment and networking gear while ensuring the best possible combination of redundancy, resiliency and industry best practices. AGG has remained impressed with the willingness of Peak 10 people to be attentive to its needs and to go the extra mile.

“When we were making the move to the data center and our staff was there racking gear, Peak 10 engineers willingly gave us a hand without us having to ask. They didn’t have to, but it’s that kind of customer care that we had hoped we’d get when we signed on, and we haven’t been disappointed,” said Edwards. “I know that if something happens, all I have to do is call and the TAC (technical assistance center) staff will address the issue promptly without me having to go onsite.”

Beyond the robust technology, redundancy and availability it gets with Peak 10 data services, AGG also leverages the data center’s rigorous security and regulatory compliance track record with its new and existing clientele, and in requests for proposals. The firm has no hesitancy telling prospective clients about its business relationship with Peak 10, considering it a competitive advantage.


Moving the production environment to Peak 10 has freed up valuable square footage at AGG’s principal office, while improving flexibility and accessibility to critical data. As data throughput increases, or power consumption rises with the needs of the business, Edwards knows Peak 10 is actively working with him to respond quickly without month-end surprises. “We didn’t have this flexibility before. Adding a new blade would put us over our amperage threshold, and we’d get nickeled and dimed at the end of the month,” he said.

This flexibility also helps AGG to expand operations beyond the reaches of the Atlanta metropolitan area. In addition to helping cut IT costs by streamlining expenses for rent and power consumption, AGG now has a stable and reliable environment for its geographically dispersed offices. Peak 10 also helped the firm convert to a more flexible, virtual model for its office technologies. AGG uses virtual desktops and other non-hardware based services, which has dramatically reduced strain on the company’s IT department.

While currently maintaining its own DR site, AGG knows that Peak 10 has site-to-site connectivity throughout its network of data centers should the firm want to move its secondary site off-premise.

“It’s good to know that Peak 10 has products and services, such as enterprise and recovery clouds, that our firm can grow Into should we decide to go that route,” Edwards said.

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