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Case Study: Peak 10 Cuts Fusion’s Run Costs by 40 Percent

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Fusion is a performance-based digital optimization services provider specializing in e-commerce channels. Launched in 2007, the company’s technical platform and software helps its customers make more money from their online transactions by providing cross-selling and upselling opportunities that support customer conversion and drive new revenue. Fusion’ solutions crunch analytics and information in a fraction of a second to determine visitor profiles based on online activities, and then bring up the appropriate offers based on this real-time analysis. The company recently launched a line of business that serves the U.S. healthcare market.

The Challenge

For nearly a decade, Fusion had been working in the travel sector. The company then decided to launch a line of business targeting the U.S. healthcare market. The plan was to use its technical platform and software to develop personalized, relevant, healthcare-focused offers for visitors on health insurance sites, which presented a new set of challenges for the company. Though it still required a highly available and redundant IT infrastructure, the new division would have several different requirements than the travel business. For example, the new division would be U.S. specific and have more stringent regulatory and compliance issues to address. It also needed to start modestly but scale over time. A number of providers were asked to submit RFPs. Peak 10, Fusion’s provider for its travel business at the time, their provider for another line of business, and at least two others.

The Peak 10 Solution

Fusion now has a complete solution from Peak 10. It includes colocation space, dedicated Internet access, cloud services and managed services consisting of network configuration, managed security, monitoring and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS).

“We’re basically a development shop, so I have only one staff member who coordinates infrastructure,” explained Bert Hardy, CIO of Fusion. “From a server standpoint, Peak 10 does everything: monitoring service, patching and intrusion detection and response. Peak 10 literally serves as my staff for infrastructure. Without them, I’d have to hire more full-time IT personnel.”

Because Fusion’s new business is in the healthcare sector, it has to meet HIPAA requirements and a number of data privacy laws.

“Peak 10 was one of the few vendors that said they had cloud infrastructure and data centers that had been audited for HIPAA/HITECH,” Hardy said. “Other vendors just said they were secure. It would have been up to us to make our IT environment fit our compliance needs.”

Hardy cited two key areas where Peak 10 provided advantages for the company: service and innovation. “Peak 10 had local personnel that we could deal with throughout the RFP process, and their team was much more attentive and responsive to us than the other competitors.”

“On the technology side, Peak 10 was the only vendor that brought us ideas rather than just giving us a quote based on what we specified. They suggested we begin by building databases on smaller servers, which reduced our upfront capital expenses, as well as our operating expenses. Peak 10’s design ultimately saved us $100,000 to $150,000, and we saved 40 percent on our run costs.”

Because a private cloud solution will likely be the end goal once Fusion’s healthcare business becomes established, Peak 10 thought it would be most cost-effective to help Fusion start on a small scale. According to Hardy, Peak 10 helped the company “build a roadmap for our future infrastructure with a view to the long term.”

The Results

The monitoring that Peak 10 provides helps Fusion keep a finger on the pulse of its infrastructure, so it always knows what is going on from a performance and security standpoint. This has subsequently improved the experience of Fusion’s customers.

“If there’s anything happening in the network, Peak 10 communicates it to us. Then we can contact our customers immediately,”

Hardy explained. “For example, if there is a security risk that needs to be addressed when a vulnerability is identified, Peak 10 reports to us what it is, what is being done to address it and when the issue has been fixed. We’re able to pass this information to our customers, who are assured that we are on top of everything. Bottom line: it makes us look good to our customers.” “Peak 10’s processes are the very best out there. They are documented. They are easy to follow. They are sound,” said Hardy.

“We have also been impressed with Peak 10’s ability to bring technology solutions to us,” Hardy added. “I see them tailor our solutions to help keep our unit and operating costs low, and remain up to date on cloud solutions. They are the technical solution partner we needed.”

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