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Case Study: Iasis Networks Enjoys Scalability and Cost Savings in Virtual Environment

Iasis Networks case study cover graphic

Iasis Networks is an IT solutions vendor for the full range of medical, dental and general business customers. Its core specialty is the provisioning. hosting and support of proprietary third-party applications that run electronic medical records, practice management and accounting for companies in the medical field. Iasis Networks’ engineers are certified professionals who provide dependable service and keep clients on top of the fast-paced changes required by today’s technological innovations.

The Challenge

Iasis Networks is an IT solutions provider for medical, dental and general business practices. Its core offering is a proprietary third-party application designed to run electronic medical records and practice management for its customers in the medical field. This application was created by NextGen Healthcare.

In the fall of 2009, Iasis identified a need for a robust hosting platform to run Nextgen’s Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Software for its customers. Having worked extensively with Nextgen on local, in-office networks, the need was determined for a dependable, efficient, and cost-effective hosting solution with superior support services. NextGen would provide the application and application support. Iasis would provide the hardware, security and redundancy needed to run the production environment. Iasis, therefore, approached a number of managed services companies to assist in the creation of this proposed model. Peak 10 was the company that offered the most robust yet cost-effective solution to this challenge.

To do this, the Peak 10 team needed to design a technology solution that met several important requirements. First, the environment had to reside in a SAS70 Type II/ SSAE 16 audited data center and access to this infrastructure needed to be controlled with multiple layers of security. The new environment also needed to be in a high-availability mode from top to bottom and readily scalable due to Iasis’ rapid growth. VPN connectivity for each Iasis office was a must and data could not reside on a multi-tenant Storage Area Network. Finally, the application required a dedicated server offered in high availability for each new customer.

The Peak 10 Solution

The environment that Peak 10 created was designed to be as straightforward and efficient as possible. Virtual Server Hosting was implemented to achieve this objective. A primary Active Directory server was also implemented to authenticate users while terminal servers were deployed to handle the process of access to the NextGen applications. A SQL server was implemented to handle all the database work for the environment which is quite robust because of both the sheer number of customers that require access on a daily basis and the expected growth scale for the coming year.

The Peak 10 team proposed building a virtual cluster connected to the virtual server (VM) management network. This provided storage for the initial VMs along with ample space for growth. Firewalls delivered security and VPN connectivity and the dedicated SAN was deployed with a dual controller for failover capability.

Because NextGen requires that each new customer receive a dedicated server for their respective environment, the resources on the virtual cluster made it easy to create and deploy new servers without production impact to existing cluster members. The licensing relationship between Peak 10 and VMware allowed extremely affordable scalability in the licensing of products within the virtual cluster. Finally, with Peak 10 providing all the management of the production environment, Iasis now enjoys access to more than 200 Peak 10 engineers available 24/7/365.

Having existing and new customers ready to launch on our new solution, Iasis sought a partner with a proven track record of success. This included having an established environmental infrastructure, dependable supply lines, and the in-house expertise to develop and support our plans with the ability to execute them rapidly. Peak 10 was the clear choice to meet and exceed each of these needs. Their engineers worked to clearly understand our initial requirement and provided a solution that was appropriate and also scalable to handle our future growth.

The Results

Peak 10 provided a unique solution that was customized to the needs of Iasis and was superior to those offered by other managed services companies. Thanks to Peak 10, Iasis now enjoys increased efficiency, enterprise scalability and high availability. The solution is cost-effective, avoiding capital expenses altogether. In addition, should further VMs need to be deployed, there will be no need to wait on additional hardware and any growth will incur only nominal costs. The virtual environment also means that Iasis can easily deploy business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for its VMs and data should it wish to in the future.

Iasis will be able to place all its focus on its core business now that its entire environment is managed by the Peak 10 team. The relationship will help Iasis attract new customers who can feel secure in knowing that Iasis’ data and IT resources are hosted in a SSAE 16/HIPAA compliant, enterprise-class data center and managed by its team of IT professionals. Thanks to Peak 10, Iasis Networks and NextGen were able to deploy a unique infrastructure and form a valuable partnership that will benefit clients for years to come.

Peak 10 has continued to demonstrate its value by keeping pace with our explosive growth. This has allowed Iasis to focus on new business development and new customer roll outs that blow away any competition. Additionally, Iasis has been able to leverage the expert 24 hours support provided by Peak 10 to increase both its level of service and volume of customers serviced without having to add additional workforce. Peak 10 has enabled us to meet and exceed all of the goals set by us and our clients.

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