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Case Study: Florida Panthers Protect Data through Cost-Effective Recovery Cloud

January 20, 2014

About the Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers are a professional ice hockey team based in Sunrise, Fla., in the Fort Lauderdale area. Since inception, the Panthers managed its own IT infrastructure, manually backed up its data and stored it inhouse. This method of data backup was risky because it left data susceptible to a number of threats, with the potential damage caused by unpredictable South Florida weather being of highest concern.

The Challenge

“In South Florida, severe weather is just one of the things that can shut down our IT operations, potentially costing thousands of dollars, untold man hours, and a damaged reputation with fans and the community,” said Michael R. Yormark, Panthers president and CEO.

The Panthers needed a plan to move their data offsite to better protect it. Because the Panthers’ IT environment and stored data were located at the same site, if its location were to experience a significant malady, all would be lost, causing the organization to lose all operational data. Its website, data from online ticket sales, and season ticketholder information would all be lost. The risk was too high and the Panthers needed a reliable, offsite solution that would allow it to maintain operations even if its current data center were offline. It also needed a solution that wouldn’t require a large capital outlay. After researching possible data center providers, the Panthers chose Peak 10 for its consultative approach, geographic diversity and impressive array of cost-effective cloud solutions.

Peak 10’s Solution

To best meet the Florida Panthers’ IT needs, Peak 10 devised a cloud-based solution that replicates and backs up the team’s data and applications to primary site in South Florida and a secondary site outside of the state.

The solution incorporates the Peak 10 Recovery Cloud, which employs continuous data protection (CDP) style replication to ensure near real-time backup of data and applications. This means failovers can be initiated within minutes. The Panthers can select the point in time at which a test or failover occurs at the time of execution. As a result, it can test or failover to a point in time before a malady occurred.

Geographic separation of primary and secondary sites further strengthens data protection while relieving the Panthers’ IT staff of the cost and lost productivity of maintaining its own Disaster Recovery (DR) operation. The Peak 10 Recovery Cloud also includes a shared pool of compute resources that customers can subscribe to in order to run their replicated systems for testing or actual failover purposes. Connected to Peak 10’s multi-tiered storage infrastructure and robust core network, these resources are provisioned and presented based on customer need. Compute and storage can be adjusted based on performance, availability and scalability requirements.

Peak 10’s cloud infrastructure is also PCIcompliant, meaning that the Panthers’ IT infrastructure meets the federal regulatory compliance requirements for organizations that process or store credit card data. Peak 10 manages all aspects of the underlying technology, including maintenance and providing the associated data center services, hypervisor and Windows operating system licenses.


Peak 10 simplified what would have been an extremely complicated, time-intensive and expensive IT solution for the Panthers to implement themselves. The move to Peak 10 has proven more cost-effective than selfmanagement and allows the Panthers to have a professional organization to manage its disaster
recovery solution.

“We’ll never know the extent of the financial damage we would have eventually incurred by continuing to maintain our IT infrastructure and data storage onsite,” added Yormark. “We are just thankful that we found the right partner and have a solution that brings our organization a peace of mind, for the fraction of the cost we would have spent to do it on our own.”

Peak 10’s Recovery Cloud infrastructure and diverse geographic footprint now ensures that the Panthers organization runs smoothly no matter what it encounters.

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