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Case Study: Curse Improves Download Experience with Managed Services

February 3, 2011

Curse is the largest massively multi-player online property in the U.S., reaching millions of PC and console gamers and delivering a quarter of a billion monthly page views. Consisting of some of the most sought after MMO websites on the planet, Curse serves as a comprehensive and accessible resource that enhances users’ core gaming experiences.

Peak 10 and Curse’s relationship began after the two connected at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Austin in 2009. Curse had a data services provider in place at that time, but was looking for a trusted IT advisor that could expand with its growing needs.

The Challenge

Curse has traffic bursts that near 10 Gb/s, making it crucial that its network be scalable, flexible and available. Curse must constantly improve the speed and efficiency of the download experience in order to satisfy the demands of its devoted user base. The company, which continues to grow at a rapid pace, was also seeking an IT provider to help reduce latency to the West Coast and Europe. As part of its growth initiative, Curse continues to pursue new industry partners for acquisition and expansion which requires a more concrete IT infrastructure to support new developments in the changing environment.

Peak 10’s breadth of services and responsive support set it apart from the other companies that Curse was evaluating and exceeded the team’s expectations. Peak 10’s secure network and scalable services provided the solution to address Curse’s IT needs, ultimately leading it to entrust its mission-critical platforms to the industry leader. “

“…Peak 10 has become essential to our ongoing success and provides us with the network solutions that we need…”

The Peak 10 Solution

Peak 10’s enterprise-class data centers are interconnected by a high performance, fully redundant private network that enhances the security, integrity and availability of Curse’s applications framework 24/7/365. The Atlanta campus, where Curse’s infrastructure is based, is a virtualization hub. This means it contains a super-connected data center offering multiple 10Gb/s waves into a major point of presence. Peak 10 utilizes a number of Tier 1 Internet carriers to implement and deploy multiple fully-lit OCx and Gigabit connections. This provides Curse with high network capacity, more diverse, reliable routing and consistently lower latency for West Coast and European users regardless of fluctuations in bandwidth needs. In addition, each Peak 10 data center facility utilizes several carrier-agnostic OCx connections for maximum dependability. Thanks to the efforts of Peak 10’s dedicated support team, Curse enjoyed a smooth transition to and implementation of its network and mission-critical data in the Peak 10 Atlanta environment.

Peak 10 provides an overall solution that includes the expertise to accommodate and protect the 10Gb/s capacity required for significant traffic bursts. These solutions contain industry leading hardware, utilizing ASCIC forwarding technologies, which streamline packet delivery.

By leveraging Peak 10’s comprehensive managed services, the Curse network benefits from a higher level of security and resilience than ever before, while still enjoying significant cost savings. Peak 10’s high-speed network will improve the download experience of Curse’s nearly 12 million monthly users. The network’s design also ensures a higher level of uptime than Curse was previously maintaining. Additional bandwidth allows for lower latency to the West Coast and Europe, offering a better, more consistent user experience.

The Results

Peak 10’s solutions are flexible and scalable, so as Curse requires additional bandwidth and managed IT services in the future, Peak 10 can easily tailor its solution to adapt to those needs. Peak 10 offers game companies like Curse all of the advantages of owning their own data center combined with the benefits of outsourcing to a responsive expert team. This allows Curse to focus on developing its core technology and maximizing its growth potential – which includes engaging in additional acquisitions and the pursuit of new business partners.

“In recent years the video game industry has grown exponentially, requiring tremendous investments in network infrastructure and technology. Curse has consistently met this challenge through a combination of innovative products and key strategic partnerships,” said Michael Comperda, the chief technology officer of Curse.

“When we evaluated our technology advisor and data center options, Peak 10 was clearly the leader in quality connectivity, advanced managed services and reliability. Peak 10 has become essential to our ongoing success and provides us with the network solutions that we need to meet the challenges of an everchanging industry.”

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