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Case Study: Community Home Care & Hospice Leverages Cloud for IT Growth and Compliance


Companies in the healthcare industry continue to improve the efficiency of their operations, products and services in light of recent IT advancements. Data security, availability and storage are at the forefront of companies’ minds as they strengthen their business and meet evolving regulatory compliance requirements. One such company is Community Home Care & Hospice, one of the largest and most respected hospice agencies in the Southeast, which continues to experience rapid growth through the expansion of its customer base.

The Challenge

Community Home Care & Hospice was looking for a reliable IT infrastructure solutions provider that could better meet its growing IT needs. Additionally, the company was planning for a complete technology refresh within its current production environment. It felt that if moving its environment was going to be an option, doing this project at the same time as the refresh was the most logical decision. This led the company to meet with area IT infrastructure solutions providers, including Peak 10.

“Because we were planning the technology refresh, it was the perfect time to engage a trusted IT solutions provider, and we chose Peak 10,” said Anne Rivenbark, the chief operating officer of Community Home Care & Hospice. “We were so impressed by the customized Enterprise Cloud solution its team offered us.”

“Peak 10 took the time to flesh out the components of our existing environment and implemented the new components that we wanted to add.”

The Peak 10 Solution

Initial meetings with Community Home Care & Hospice yielded 15+ servers that would need to be fully managed by Peak 10, in addition to provisioning managed firewall, security and backup services. Peak 10 would also need to customize a solution for the company’s Microsoft Exchange migration, guaranteeing accessibility and storage for its hundreds of users.

To supply Community Home Care & Hospice with the scalable and dynamic IT environment it required, Peak 10 implemented its Enterprise Cloud with a dedicated cluster of virtual host servers (VMs). This was then networked with a clustered firewall and a storage area network to provide disk space. The implementation of cloud yielded cost savings for the company, as no cabinet space or power costs were needed for the solution. Additionally, the servers in this environment are more efficient and scalable than a traditional server environment, and can provide differing layers of high availability, or complete fault tolerance. Various resources can also be added to the virtual servers seamlessly without the installation downtime that traditional servers require.

All transitions and implementations were made with minimal downtime for Community Home Care & Hospice. The company now also has a trusted advisor that adheres to all regulatory compliance requirements, including HIPAA/ HITECH. “We really enjoyed working with both the Peak 10 Raleigh team and the corporate Managed Services team as we built and transitioned to our new environment,“ added Rivenbark.

“We really enjoyed working with both the Peak 10 Raleigh team…”

The Peak 10

Results By leveraging Peak 10’s offerings, the hospice organization is able to have its mission-critical data and applications highly available, reliable and secure. In the end, Community Home Care & Hospice has a much better production environment at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hosting solution.

Many of Peak 10’s solutions have significantly reduced capital expenses for the company and assisted with its rapid growth. Since working with Peak 10, its team has experienced concrete results and been able to concentrate on what is most important: its business and customers. With this enhanced focus and growing list of clients, the company can seamlessly scale its IT infrastructure to satisfy its business needs.

By utilizing Peak 10’s Enterprise Cloud solution, Community Home Care & Hospice now has a wide range of other sustainable Peak 10 services at its fingertips, such as disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, should its IT needs continue to expand.

“We look forward to more business interactions with the expert team from Peak 10 as we take advantage of its unique product offering. We feel confident that we’ve found a cost-effective solution that will grow with us,” said Rivenbark.

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