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The Case for the Peak 10 Hosted Private Cloud

The Case for the Peak 10 Hosted Private Cloud
August 4, 2015

There’s no denying the benefits of the cloud. But not all cloud deployment models, public and private specifically, are for everyone. Each model offers specific features and capabilities. Whether or not a private or public cloud is a good option for a company depends on that company’s specific needs.

Here’s a brief overview of the two models, and why a new entry in the private cloud space — the Peak 10 Hosted Private Cloud — may be a good option for your organization.

Public Cloud Pros and Cons

Public cloud services use a multi-tenant format in which customers share pooled resources. They can save businesses money because their usage shifts capital expenses to operating expenses. The start-up investment is minimal, and they offer elasticity and economies of scale. The underlying infrastructure is owned and maintained by cloud services providers (CSPs), freeing up internal IT staffs to focus on more strategic endeavors within their companies.
The shared infrastructure brings scale and efficiency but also means that performance can be negatively impacted by “bad behavior from neighbors”.  The top CSPs (as with Peak 10’s multi-tenant cloud offering) have restrictions in place and high-level security that eliminate or minimize those issues, so you have to make sure you’re with the right provider.

Many businesses also are subject to specific privacy laws or regulatory requirements regarding control of their data that may not be met by a public cloud service.  You’ll have a better chance of meeting your compliance needs if the CSP undergoes annual third-party audits. Finally, there are still some applications that simply don’t perform well in a public cloud environment.

Private Cloud Options

So is a private cloud the way to go? And if so, which kind?

  • On-premise (Internal) Private Clouds. An on-premise private cloud is a single-tenant cloud built by an organization for its own use. The company owns the underlying infrastructure and is responsible for its maintenance.

    This model is attractive to organizations that want to leverage their investment in servers and storage hardware by repurposing them in a private cloud. For companies organized into cost centers, an on-premise private cloud can also provide opportunities for IT to use charge-backs to generate income that can be funneled back for infrastructure support.
    However, if a company doesn’t already have the required hardware, it needs to be purchased. That can be a sizable capital expense. Then there are security updates, patches and other maintenance that will be required. On-premise private clouds also require specialized expertise in compliance, security and cloud infrastructure that many internal IT staffs may not possess.

  • Off-premise (Hosted) Private Clouds. Another option is the off-premise private cloud. This is the model that Peak 10 offers with its Hosted Private Cloud. It’s a high-performance, single-tenant cloud with dedicated resources to support organizations’ specific requirements. Customers choose their compute and storage, and can layer on additional managed security services. Self-service tools are available via the Peak 10 customer portal.

    Peak 10 owns and manages the underlying infrastructure, and handles all maintenance. As such, it can save customers both on capital expenses and IT staff time. It also makes it easy for organizations to move into a hybrid IT strategy.

From a cost perspective, the Hosted Private Cloud commits dedicated resources so the growth is a stair step rather than a smooth curve, trading predicable monthly spend for elasticity and pay-as-you go.

A Few Final Words

There are multiple cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings in the marketplace. The key is to determine which one (or which combination) of the available options best meet your business requirements. If a private cloud makes sense for your organization, the Peak 10 Hosted Private Cloud offers a compelling mix of benefits.

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