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Can Public Clouds be Trusted to Store Critical Data?

May 30, 2014

The public cloud is still viewed by some as a pariah, something to be avoided, when it comes to storage for mission-critical and regulated data. People’s assumptions about what constitutes “public cloud” has a lot to do with this dismissiveness.

As with data, not all public cloud storage providers are created equal. People tend to think of mega public cloud providers as a proxy for all such providers. They are not. Operating secure and compliant storage infrastructures has not been a priority for them as it has for other infrastructure and cloud service providers – most notably Peak 10, which pretty much sets the industry standard for a comprehensive compliance program.

A number of factors – the explosion of data volumes, shifting priorities of business, business’s expectations of the role of IT and cloud adoption moving from trial into production, among them – are leading IT professionals to take another look at their data storage strategies with cloud storage playing a larger role. With the right approach, the right tools and the right partners, secure and highly available cloud data storage can and should be integrated into companies’ overall data management plans.

The people at CommVault have written an excellent white paper on the topic, entitled “Cloud Data Protection: Adapting Data Protection to Cloud Infrastructures.” It provides a timely analysis of the challenges related cloud data storage, together with considerations to take into account when designing a solution. The intent of the paper is to help “[ensure] that the workloads, applications and data sets being moved into public cloud services are effectively protected, managed and accessible.”

Another dynamic coming into play is the rapid emergence of hybrid cloud infrastructures as the dominant computing model of the future … the future being three to five years from now. As we’ve stated often, a hybrid cloud will need to support a dynamic, ever-changing, and relentlessly growing data storage environment. The cost, complexity and lack of flexibility associated with accommodating storage solely on-premise will be prohibitive as well as inhibiting to business agility, if it isn’t already.

Hybrid cloud is a perfect conceptual framework for thinking about and designing performance- and cost-optimized IT solutions that are uniquely suited to the individual needs of each business, including storage needs. Whether your business is financial services or healthcare, PCI-reliant or involves handling of government data, or is subject to data-privacy obligations imposed by the European Union, Peak 10 stands audit-ready to play a key role in your data storage and hybrid cloud strategies.

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