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Can your Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Solution Handle Any Disaster?


Why you need days vs. hours for your DRaaS solution

In the IT world, disaster does not necessarily mean natural disaster. While businesses certainly contend with their fair share of business-impacting hurricanes, tornadoes and floods – not to mention human error – there are other more deliberate and malicious actions targeting businesses. Breaches have topped headlines for years, upsetting businesses operations and shattering customer confidence. Today, a more sinister cyberthreat has stormed the malware front – ransomware. With the FBI reporting $209 million in ransomware payments during the first quarter of 2016, many industry experts expected it to reach $1 billion by the close of the year.

Ransomware on the Attack

While any threat to data is troubling, ransomware, a malware that silently encrypts data and then demands a ransom to decode it, is particularly daunting for its ability to go undetected for days. According to the United States Justice Department, ransomware attacks increased by 300 percent between 2015 and 2016 – skyrocketing from 1,000 attacks per day to 4,000. For Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions that replicate in hours, this can be a business-crippling scenario as it is not sufficient to recover the amount of data corrupted during a days-long ransomware attack. This growing threat requires the capability to restore multiple days’ worth of data to minimize data loss.

Does your DRaaS Solution Work in Days or Hours?

While a DRaaS solution that traces back several hours may be enough to handle the mid-day outage that is quickly addressed by your IT staff, what happens if that outage occurs overnight and your staff is not available around-the clock to address the issue? You could walk into a situation with significant downtime and data loss that cannot be restored by a several-hour recovery journal.

Any disaster that can impact data over a prolonged period of time – whether initiated through ransomware, weather, or human error – presents a tremendous liability for your business if you are not replicating in days. Without a flexible failback window, your business could sustain significant data loss. A DRaaS solution that replicates in days, rather than in hours, is a powerful first step in ensuring the safety of your data and your overall preparedness to handle any looming or hidden threat. This extended timeframe provides a better recovery point and less data loss by allowing you to trace an issue back further in time to identify the point just before it began.

Extended Journaling Transforms Data Recovery

Extended Journaling is a feature of Peak 10 + ViaWest’s DRaaS solution, the Recovery Cloud. Recovery Cloud is offered in three tiers – Essentials, Prime and Premium – giving customers cost-effective options and the flexibility to build tailored DR programs, while ensuring rapid recovery of mission-critical applications and minimal data loss in the event of a failure.  Extended Journaling securely and cost-effectively delivers up to 30 days of data replication history with the Prime and Premium tiers to protect critical assets, and up to 14 days with the Essentials tier. By offering days – not just hours – of replication history, Extended Journaling allows companies to more confidently recover files with minimal data loss. Backed by the company’s geographically diverse locations and its high-performing, reliable interconnection services, Extended Journaling offers four check points every hour, offering hundreds – or even thousands – of recovery points to deliver a granular level of restore that enables you to precisely pinpoint the recovery point.

By delivering a deeper retention period, Extended Journaling makes continuous data protection even better. Extended Journaling offers greater flexibility in recovering business applications to a specific period of time. These improved recovery capabilities also increase your level of preparedness to drive even greater value from your DRaaS solution.

While ransomware is currently the hot-button cyberthreat du jour, other threats should not be overlooked. The good news is that a DRaaS solution that can rollback recovery for days – like Peak 10 + ViaWest’s Extended Journaling – can competently protect your data and your business from the wide variety of cyberthreats, human errors, disgruntled employees, software/hardware failures and natural disasters. Simply said, a recovery window of days has your business’ back.

Sit down with a Peak 10 + ViaWest engineer to assess your DR strategy. To schedule an appointment, contact us at www.peak10.com/contact-us or call (866) 473-2510.

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