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Joe Deney, SVP, Customer Operations

Joe Deney, SVP, Customer Operations

Joe joined Peak 10 in June 2013. He is responsible for driving initiatives that support a multi-faceted customer experience strategy across diverse touch points from pre-sale processes to post-sale provisioning, service delivery and on-going support for Peak 10’s growing customer base.

Joe has over 25 years’ experience of providing dynamic leadership, having held key management positions at Savvis and McDonnell Douglas (Boeing). Prior to Peak 10, he served as Senior Vice President at CA Technologies where he was responsible for alliances and consulting services.

Deney earned his BS in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University and his MBA in Finance from Southern Illinois University.

The IT Guy: “Just be me. I just want you to be me.”

Joe Deney, SVP, Customer Operations | July 07,2014 | News
One of my favorite quotes is one from Einstein. “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”...Read More

Attacking the Nation’s IT Skills Gap One Community at a Time

Joe Deney, SVP, Customer Operations | May 30,2014 | News Blog
American business is hanging out the Help Wanted sign for computer science and business analytics skills, but all too few people are there to answer the call....Read More

Long Distance Love: A Data Center Love Story

Joe Deney, SVP, Customer Operations | January 07,2014 | News
A vast majority of Peak 10’s customers are located within 20 miles of the services we provide them, despite the fact that we operate 23 data centers in 10 U.S. markets. They feel most comfortable when their IT infrastructure assets are within a morning commute of headquarters....Read More
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