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Biggest risk for IT Decision Makers in cloud and data storage is being blind to potential

November 20, 2013

If only you knew all the right questions to ask, you wouldn’t need expert advice.

Most people, for example, are too busy with daily demands to focus on the complexities of investing for the future. So, they may put everything into CDs or a savings account and forget it. Or, they may consult a financial advisor. The benefit of second approach versus the first is intuitive but because of fear, stubbornness or Bernie Madoff, the ultra-conservative path is often chosen with results to match.

Good advisors will ask a lot of questions and work to understand the client’s situation, goals, resources and timetables. They will apply extensive market and investment intelligence and tools to develop a comprehensive strategy, monitor progress and recommend adjustments to maximize value as conditions change.

So it is with IT infrastructure and cloud service providers.

The good ones with the proper resources can help clients consider options and anticipate future needs better than clients themselves can. It’s the advisor’s job to stay on top of technology advances, and to have the resources and skills required by its customers before they know they need them.

More than a few Peak 10 customers had plans to construct and staff their own IT operations before consulting with the company and seeing possibilities that they had not even considered. Two such customers put it this way:

“We were familiar with cloud computing, but were not aware of all of the cloud features available to us with Peak 10. Many providers don’t have enough hardware to be able to provide this level of service, but Peak 10 did.”

“We considered several other data center providers, but Peak 10 went the extra mile to understand our company and our products. Its team had the expertise to offer us solutions and features that we didn’t know to ask for. We were impressed with their genuine concern in solving our IT needs and challenges.”

By outsourcing to a trusted cloud provider, these companies also didn’t have to incur the enormous expense associated with building and staffing their own IT infrastructure. They can focus on the daily demands of running their businesses and serving their own customers.

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