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Back Up: The Ultimate Protection for the Cloud

November 17, 2014

Learn how Data Storage Can Give An Efficiency Boost To Business with this eBook.

People are obsessed with data — data for good, evil and innocuous reasons, as well as with the devices that continuously send and receive data (what drives thousands of people to camp overnight on sidewalks and parking lots to be first to buy the newest smart phone?). If you believe the data – couldn’t resist – that 90 percent of all the information in the world today was created in the last two years, then It comes as no surprise that our love affair with data has at least two significant downsides: how to store and manage it all, and how to protect it from evil doers and loss.

Where there are downsides, there are opportunities. These issues have spawned enormous industries: data storage and data protection. These two industries include innumerable sub-industries: data analytics and management tools, security consulting, privacy law, audit practices, disaster recovery, third-party storage, data deduplication and replication, etc. etc. And, the level of capability and maturity of data storage and data protection solutions have advanced rapidly, as well.

Keep data safe in the cloud. This eBook tells you how.

The rate of data production has raced beyond the ability and resources of many organizations to store and manage it effectively themselves, giving rapid rise to storage in the ever-scalable and thoroughly modern cloud. This centralization of data stores, as well as the transport to and from the cloud, worries many IT and business professionals still. Can cloud storage be trusted to protect anything but the most pedestrian of data? Can critical, sensitive and private data be safely kept there and accessed on demand? The answer is a definite yes.

Archival data, data at rest, data under compliance retention requirements, these the sorts of data are ideal for the cloud because fast access and high-performance retrieval are not usually requirements and low-cost storage and back-up methods work perfectly well. A note of caution: while less critical and less frequently retrieved, data security is nevertheless important. Data stored in one place for long periods allows thieves more time to get at it; strong data security and data encryption are well advised.

Cloud storage is equally safe for critical, private and sensitive data , assuming the provider is invested in making this a core service, is demonstrably security- and compliance-minded, and employs only the best and most current technologies and tools for storage, retrieval, communications, back-up and replication.

Creating a cloud storage strategy forces a company to reassess its storage requirements, and to evaluate the relative values of data and applications to the business. Only then can it provision the correct combination of protection, access, and storage type best matched to its requirements, legal obligations and budget.

It could take multiple providers to meet all your requirements, which would complicate storage management. Or, you could seek out a provider with a broad set of capabilities and solutions who can help create and tailor a data storage, protection and back-up strategy that accommodates most or all needs

We’ll be talking about precisely that in our upcoming webinar with CommVault in December – stay tuned! An expert on managed backup services from CommVault, a Peak 10 technology partner for innovative integrated data and information management solutions, will discuss best practices for readying your data for cloud storage. We’ll be looking at advanced technologies such as snapshots, deduplication, converged backup, and archiving to protect your data and help ensure that it is accessible when you need it. And, we’ll be taking participants’ questions.

There are no ultimate resolutions, only continuous improvement and unforeseen challenges to the methods applied by those responsible for creating, handling, storing and using data. Dialog and information sharing among peers is one of the most effective ways to keep abreast of new technologies and data services that continually come to light. Take part with Peak 10 and CommVault in their upcoming webinar to learn about some of them.

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