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Are These Four Cloud Myths Holding You Back?

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September 16, 2015

Cloud computing has moved beyond a hyped tech darling to a necessity for business growth and competitive advantage. IDC estimates that by the end of this year, cloud IT infrastructure spending will rise to $33 billion1. These numbers are not surprising. A well-executed move to the cloud will save money, make better use of resources and increase efficiency. Yet, despite its rise in adoption, a lot of companies continue to have misconceptions and doubts about migrating to the cloud.

Let’s separate fact from fiction by dispelling these common cloud myths. 

Cloud Myth #1: It’s Less Secure

Recent data breaches have contributed to this perception. However, research shows, “to date, there have been very few security breaches in the public cloud — most breaches continue to involve on-premises data center environments.”2 Another contributing factor to this myth is the multi-tenant nature of the public cloud environment. Many grapple with this, assuming that “sharing resources with another business will put my data at risk.” In reality, there are strong partitions between tenants.

Think of it as an apartment where you may share the same building as someone else, but you have your own secure unit within that building.

At Peak 10, we have extensive safeguards in place across the stack, from storage to networks and compute. As your data security and compliance needs grow, Peak 10’s managed services can also help you adhere to company security policies and maintain various compliance and regulatory standards.

Cloud Myth #2: It’s Expensive

One of the main barriers to cloud adoption is cost. There is a lot of talk about the comparison of on-premise infrastructure, which requires capital expenditure, versus public, private or hybrid clouds, which entail operating expenditure. With cloud computing, capital expenditure is reduced because you aren’t required to purchase and install expensive hardware upfront. In addition, there are cost savings associated with paying only for what you use, eliminating hardware maintenance and consuming less power.

Cost savings from the cloud also come in other, indirect ways. An ideal cloud service provider will free up your IT staff from tasks, like maintaining and tracking complicated hardware warranties, so they can spend time on more important things, such as application development, that contribute to business growth and revenue.

Cloud Myth #3: We’ll Give Up Control

For many, considering a move to the cloud brings on feelings of handing over control, like handing your teenager the keys to your car. In reality, the right cloud provider will instead expand your control. You’ll gain the ability to quickly scale and allocate resources. Unlike the inflexibility of the traditional data center, an ideal provider lets you tailor solutions almost entirely at will without being held back by unamortized investments in equipment and facilities.

Peak 10 provides its customers with access to a web-based portal from which they can self-provision, control and optimize cloud resources on their own schedule.  

Cloud Myth #4: The Cloud is One Size Fits All

Forget cookie-cutter solutions. No two companies are alike. Your infrastructure needs are specific to your business goals, customer demands, budget, strategic objectives and more. Thus, no two companies share the same exact infrastructure needs. Cloud providers that take a “one size fits all” approach by forcing customers into pre-defined offerings are the reason this cloud myth exists.

Whether hosting a single website or your entire application suite, you can choose which resources live in the cloud environment. At Peak 10, we take a consultative approach and will tailor a solution that fits your company’s unique needs.

The bottom line: when you select the right provider, the cloud is secure, saves money, gives you more control over resources and helps your business succeed.

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