There is a harmonious tension among the Flexential executive team. That happens when deeply experienced, strong willed and highly committed industry professionals thrive on creating an environment for continuous improvement, innovation, growth, employee satisfaction and customer devotion. Meet them below.

“By joining forces, Peak 10 and ViaWest have combined some of the smartest minds in the IT industry,” said Nancy Phillips. “Our highly experienced executive team brings a demonstrated track record of success and is well positioned to lead the combined organization to even greater heights. As one of the leading hybrid IT infrastructure and solutions providers, we look forward to our combined growth and delivering significant benefits to our thousands of customers.”

Nancy Phillips
Executive Chairman of the Board
Peak 10 + ViaWest

Chris Downie, CEO

Chris Downie

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Krza, Chief Operating Officer

Michael Krza

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Noonan, Chief Financial Officer

Brian Noonan

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Gaillard, Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Gaillard

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Fuhrman, Chief Product Officer

Michael Fuhrman

Chief Product Officer

Jason Carolan, Chief Cloud Officer

Jason Carolan

Chief Cloud Officer

Patrick Doherty, Chief Revenue Officer

Patrick Doherty

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Nance, Executive Vice President, Sales

Jason Nance

Executive Vice President, Sales

Karin Davies, SVP, Human Resources

Karin Davies

SVP, Human Resources

Joe Deney, SVP, Customer Operations

Joe Deney

Executive VP,
Customer Operations

Jeff Biggs, Executive VP, Technology & Operations

Jeff Biggs

Executive VP,
Data Center Operations

Joe Guerriero, General Counsel

Joe Guerriero

General Counsel

  • Chris Downie

    Chief Executive Officer, Flexential

  • Nancy Phillips

    Executive Chariman, Flexential

  • David Jones

    Board Member, Flexential

  • Rick Magnuson

    Executive Managing Director, GI Partners

  • David Mace

    Managing Director, GI Partners

  • Travis Pearson

    Managing Director, GI Partners

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Peak 10

“Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Flexential, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers’ business and their trust.”
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Flexential