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Two powerhouse companies, Peak 10 + ViaWest, have combined to become one of the country’s largest Hybrid IT providers specializing in colocation, interconnection, cloud, managed solutions and professional services. Each company has built a reputation for delivering legendary service and support to our customers.

Join Peak 10 + ViaWest and watch your world grow.

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Plug into your future. Intern at Peak 10 + ViaWest!

Interning at Peak 10 + ViaWest is a great way to launch your career! Yes, we’re a technology company, but there is so much more to what we do. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in IT, finance, business administration, or another field, it’s very possible that you’ll find a place to apply your classroom training and grow both personally and professionally at Peak 10 + ViaWest. Peak 10 + ViaWest’s culture and environment are what make Peak 10 + ViaWest a great place to work, learn, and discover your true potential. Set your path to success by interning with the Peak 10 + ViaWest team.

Diversity and Inclusion

It’s no surprise that Peak 10 + ViaWest, a company whose values include openness, respect, and teamwork, also believes in diversity and inclusion as a foundation to our company culture.

We appreciate our employees’ differences. They’re what gives our company character. We believe that the unique perspectives and backgrounds of our employees enrich our work environment and our way of working, enabling us to better connect, communicate, and collaborate with our customers, channel partners and vendors, as well as with each other.

We also understand that IT infrastructure isn’t just about hardware and software. It’s about people using technology successfully to generate very human results in what is an ever-changing global society. By embracing our differences, we’re better able to help make that happen.

If you’re with us in appreciating diversity in its many forms, consider joining our team. We’ll respect and support you for who you are —and we look forward to getting to know you better.

In the Community

Peak 10 + ViaWest prides itself on being an active part of each of the communities we call home. We have an entire team dedicated to making sure that each office is always giving back and serving those in need. It’s our honor to be able to serve food at soup kitchens, raise money and awareness for various non-profits and charities, and push up our sleeves, get out the hammers and take part in building houses for those that don’t have a steady roof over their head. As long as Peak 10 + ViaWest is in business, our communities can count on us to always be ready and willing to serve.


“Being here 9 years (in February 2015), I have enjoyed this job tremendously and love being a part of this family. The core values of this company keep me here. The way that Peak 10 treats its employees, the way Peak 10 is transparent and honest with the employees and customers, and the integrity of each and every person in this company.”

Mike Kemry

Facility Operations Engineer

Peak 10 + ViaWest Values

At Peak 10 + ViaWest, our corporate values are much more than words on a wall or a web site. They define who we are and are the drivers behind our success.
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urgency teamwork
expertise professionalism respect
humility openness

“I am invested in this company now more than ever and committed to help making provisioning changes with the end goal being an improved customer experience.”

Melissa Ricks

Implementation Manager


“What sales says to a customer, what I say to a customer, what product development produces – none of that matters without the quality of the work and the dedication of the people in this room.”

Randy Seiber

Solutions Engineer


“It’s easy to talk about how we are deeply invested in the success of our customers. We live it and breathe it every day.”

Chris Johnson

TAC Team Lead

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“Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Flexential, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers’ business and their trust.”
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Flexential