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A Personal New Year’s Resolution – From a Cloud Solutions Engineer

January 10, 2014

I told myself that I was not going to make any “new year resolutions.” Why? Because like a lot of you reading this, I follow through for a month (at best) and then find reasons to not stick it out. This year my goal was to take one area of my personal life, set a goal and accomplish it. I went through the normal goals─lose weight, go to church more, spend more time at home, etc. Only during a disaster recovery (DR) presentation I was giving did it occur to me what my 2014 goal would be. I was going to put together my family’s DR plan.

In business, we have to consider the many different facets that are unique to our company. That may include planning where users will work if their office spaces are unavailable as well as how they will connect. For some organizations, sending their user base home or to a remote coffee shop with wireless Internet will suffice. For others, that simply won’t work because of specific considerations. That includes the methods used for connecting and whether these methods meet any applicable security requirements or government and industry regulations. In addition, what will the user experience need to be in order to keep everyone functional?  These issues all have to be taken into account in devising a DR plan.

Strangely, in developing my DR plan for my family, I found several similarities to business DR planning─things like where will my family go if I am not around? How will they continue to operate with the normal requirements of life daily like food, clothing, shelter and transportation?  The biggest common denominator was that DR planning is not something you cannot afford to put off. The simple truth is that accidents happen, people pass away and families, maybe yours, are left to work through the “disaster”. Similarly, businesses experience disasters. There is a direct impact to the business, and also to our users. We hear of staggering statistics similar to “43 percent of businesses that experience a disaster never reopen” and “29 percent shut their doors within two years”. I did a brief search to see if I could validate some of the articles I read.   I could not validate the accuracy of those statistics, but  it is not a far stretch of the imagination to think of the impact to “your” business if you sustained a three-week, four-week or longer outage.

The things to keep in mind are that not only the business suffers.  Employees and their families do too. So we owe it to our personal families and our professional families to ensure that when disasters occur, we have taken the steps to make sure that as many things are planned for as possible.

So I called my insurance agent, scheduled my meeting and can now happily say I am completely finished with phase I of my “New Year’s resolution…. I mean goal. If you have not yet started, I urge you to do the same for your family as well as your business. While I cannot help you with your family DR plan, I certainly can help with your business DR plan. If you need assistance in figuring out where to begin or if you have already started and are ready for the next phase, reach out to us at Peak 10. We will be more than happy in helping you complete your DR plan.

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