Forget cookie-cutter IT solutions. Peak 10 architects production and business-critical workloads, tailoring services to fit your company's unique needs. You get a secure, compliant IT infrastructure within our cloud and geographically diverse data centers, with the most responsive expert engineering and support team available 24/7/365.

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Cloud Computing: How CIOs and IT Leaders Must Adapt to Leverage Cloud Capabilities

The benefits of cloud computing are crystal clear: The cloud allows companies to flexibly meet business demands; increase efficiency; quickly deal with disaster recovery; and provide 24/7 access to data and applications.

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Find the Right Cloud Solution for You

There are many considerations that go into determining the right cloud deployment for your organization. This assessment will help guide you towards a model that may best fit your needs. Select the statement that is closest to your situation from each pair in the assessment. You will be provided with your personalized assessment scores in the end.